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Summary of Benefits & Coverage

Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms / Uniform Glossary
Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms / Uniform Glossary

​​​Carrier​ ​Link to SBC Database

Aetna SBC Document Retrieval​

Aetna - Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC) Instruct​ional Guide​
​​Anthem​ Blue Cross

Anthem SBC Document Retrieval

Anthem Blue Cross - Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC) Instruction​al Guide​
​​Blue Shield of California

Blue Shield of California SBC Document Retrieval​​​

Blue Shield of CA - Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC) Instructional Guide​

CaliforniaChoice SBC Document Retrieval​​​

CaliforniaChoice - Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC) Instructional​ Guide​
CalCPA Health ​​CalCPA Health ​SBC Document Retrieval​​
CalCPA - Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SB​C) Instructional Guide
Health Net

Health Net SBC Document Retrieval

Health Ne​t - Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC) Instructional Guide
Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente SBC Document Retrieval 

Kaiser Permanente - Summ​ary of Benefit​​s & Coverage (SBC) Instructional Guide​​
MediExcel SBC Document Retrieval 
Oscar SBC Document Retrieval 
Sharp Health Plan​

Employer Group Alert!Important Information About Summary of Benefits & Coverage Regulatory Requirements

​Sharp Health Plan’s SBCs are not posted on their website at this time. Their Employer Group Notice indicates they will create customized SBCs and deliver them electronically to policyholders.​​
Sutter Health Plus  Sutter Health Plus Small Business SBC Document Retrieval​​​​​​​​​
Sutter - Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC) Instructional Guide
Western Health Advantage
Western Health Advantage - Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC) Instructional Guide​​​

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