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Medical Group & IPA Network Comparison Charts

If you and your clients want to know what Medical Groups and Independent Practice Association (IPA) members are affiliated with each of the health plans available through Word & Brown, we make it easy.

We've developed comparison charts, by region, showing what Medical Groups and IPAs are contracted for each insurer's available plans.

Just look for the name of the Medical Group or IPA you're interested in; our charts clearly show all of its carrier and plan affiliations.

We update on a quarterly basis and/or when a carrier informs us of changes. If you're in doubt about an affiliation, we encourage you to contact the Medical Group, IPA, or carrier for confirmation.

Contact your Word & Brown representative for a printed copy of any regional comparison charts.
Disclaimer: The information given, including without limitation, provider search results, was collected by Word & Brown from sources considered accurate and reliable at the time of collection. However, we have not verified nor can we guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of such information. Users of this information further acknowledge and agree that the information contained is provided merely as a guide by Word & Brown. It is, therefore, recommended that the User verify the status of your coverage and the information listed with your doctor's office and/or the carrier before relying upon and basing any decision on the information provided. Word & Brown disclaims any and all liability regarding the accuracy and reliablity of said information.